Grooming Review: Avène Eau Thermale’s Thermal Spring Water spray

MIRACLE WORKER. There is such a thing as coincidence. French brand Avène, for example, discovered its waterfocused formula when a horse was completely cured of its skin disease after it accidentally drank and rolled around in a thermal spring in the small town of Avène.

The water of the thermal spring soon became a global sensation and became the main ingredient in Avène’s dermatological product line. One of them is Avène Eau Thermale: Thermal Spring Water spray, which works both for women and men. This product has long been deemed to be in a class above its water-spraying peers, thanks to its ability to soothe even the most sensitive skin. On men, it works especially well at preventing irritation after shaving. It can also work as a face freshener after working out, a sunburn reliever, a treatment for acne, etc.