Roundup of Best Hand Creams

IN SMOOTH HANDS. A handshake can tell a lot about a person. A firm handshake hints at one’s decisive personality; a lax handshake may suggest reluctance during an introduction




But a rough, dry hand could send all the wrong signals, allowing yourself to be overlooked due to your negligence in self-maintenance or to be mistaken for someone who does menial work for a living. In this day and age, a coarse hand does nothing but distance you from the image of a refined gentleman most guys aspire to. So, yes, hand creams are the definite solution to this, but fret not: there are quite a few options designed with the hands of a man in mind.





1. Clarins Men claims to be the first to have formulated a hand care treatment specifically for men. The Active Hand Care, as a matter of fact, is all the way masculine, from the scent to the non-oily cream texture finish. Not only does it soothe rough patches and irritations, but it also hydrates dry cuticles. Apply it on clean, dry hands and gently massage the cream until it’s completely absorbed.



2. It is a little known fact that the smell of lemon zest may surreptitiously induce our minds to think about hygiene, or, on a more practical level, to at least wash our hands. To that extent, L’Occitane has aptly picked citrus as the core ingredient for the new Verveine Agrumes hand cream gel. Made for both men and women, this organic product feels refreshing and cool on your hand.


3. If dryness becomes a major problem, then look no further than the Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop. As the name suggests, this bestselling hand cream for men uses hemp fibers which relieves any discomfort caused by very dry skin, and restores moisture content and suppleness. You can get a 30ml tube if you want to try it out first, but there is also a 100ml version for long-term use.



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