Greet the Heat With Fiery Red

BURNING RED. With the return of warmer weather its time to add more color to your style and what better way to welcome in the sun than a fiery red outfit

360 Opening - DA MAN magazine - robby agus - vlademir grand

Outfit by Louis Vuitton

with spring/summer approaching, it’s once again time to consider adding some color and vibrancy to our wardrobes. As always, bright red is the quintessential choice when it comes to these two aspects of fashion—and just about every fashion brand has their own interpretation of just how red our outfits should be: from subtle hints by Hermès to bold in-your-face splashes of color by Prada, red is everywhere. And don’t feel left out if burning red isn’t your thing, as accessories with subtler touches of rouge are also popping up across the world of fashion.


Photography Robby Agus
Styling Paul Elvin dela Merced
Styling Assistant Primawan Hakim
Model Vladimir Grand/21MM