Good Things Come in Threes: Exclusive Interview with Jon Herrmann

Multi-talented actor/model/personal trainer Jon Herrmann shares the story behind his success in three exciting fields.

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Around the mid-2010s, a young Jon Herrmann Herrmann walked in his first runway show and appeared in his first professional photo shoot. Then, about a year later, he began finding himself in front of film cameras as a professional actor. And this year, Herrmann just added “certified personal trainer” to his résumé. It goes without saying that his journey through these three paths—and the insights he gathered from all three— make for quite a compelling story.

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DAMAN: Hi, Jon. Great to have you onboard for this edition. What keeps you busy these days?
Jon Herrmann: Hey, there! Most of my days look like reading, working out, taking acting classes, training people and working on modeling jobs. On days off, I love to hit the beach, play sports, catch up with friends and work on projects.

DAMAN: On your Instagram bio, you describe yourself as an “actor/ model/certified PT.” So, can you give us a short intro into these three paths you’re on?
Jon Herrmann: I’ve been acting for about five years; been in couple different TV shows and movies. I’ve also been modeling for about six, seven years now; working throughout different countries and traveling frequently. I just got my personal training certificate, so I want to advance in training more people this year and making something out of that.

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DAMAN: If we’re not mistaken—so, feel free to correct us if we’re wrong—two of your earliest modeling gigs were the spring/summer shows for Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared2. What was it like to start a new career with these two major fashion houses?
Jon Herrmann: It was really something else. Going out there I was told I looked so young and it would be hard to book stuff. Working for those companies really changed my view on the potential I had as a model and gave me a lot of confidence to know something good could be made out of my career.

DAMAN: Looking back, what went through your mind when you were just about to step out onto the runway for the very first time?
Jon Herrmann: It honestly felt like a dream. Walking in a professional show like Dolce & Gabbana is just so real and intense, and I just felt the whole vibration of the room as I walked out. It’s a feeling like no other.

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DAMAN: More importantly, how did you feel afterwards? Was it “yeah, I definitely see myself doing this for the long run” or did that realization come later?
Jon Herrmann: It was 100-percent this is happening and I’m ready to start working for some big companies!

DAMAN: Moving on to your second skill set, can you tell us a bit about how you got your start in acting?
Jon Herrmann: When I turned 18, I decided I wanted to get into theater and find a career in acting. I went to multiple acting schools and found a manager/agent along the way.

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DAMAN: Your latest film project—again, if we’re not mistaken—was “616 Wilford Lane” which came out last May. What do you remember the most from working on this movie and seeing it launch?
Jon Herrmann: It was an incredible experience; one of the biggest roles I played. So, it was so interesting and great to learn so much about being on a big set and learning from the mistakes I did and things I did right, so I’m able to grow in my next films.

DAMAN: And before that you appeared in 2017’s “Deadly Exchange” as well as two short films. So far, what has been your most memorable, amazing or otherwise memorable on-set or on-screen moment?
Jon Herrmann: In the short film “Leather Bound” I appeared in. That was probably the most memorable on- screen moment. My brother helped write and direct that short film, and in the last scene there was a very intense moment and I felt it captured something beautiful.

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DAMAN: Looking ahead, what kind of films do you want to be part of in the foreseeable future? Do you have any specific genres or projects in mind?
Jon Herrmann: I’d love to shoot a lot more films this year. At this point, I’m open to any projects. I don’t believe I have enough credits and so on to be picky with what I choose, so I’m going to nail it hard on auditions and get myself into a lot more stuff this year.

DAMAN: We’ve often heard—from other models-turned-actors we’ve talked to through the years— about how having a background in modeling can be beneficial when transitioning into acting. What was it like for you?
Jon Herrmann: I can definitely agree with that. As you build your modeling career over the years, you build exposure, relationships and people start to know who you are and who you are as a person, etc.

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DAMAN: And then there’s the “personal trainer” part. How does one become a personal trainer?
Jon Herrmann: You have to take a course, which takes about two to three months of studying, and then you take a final 200-question test. If you pass, you are certified as a PT—which I did!

DAMAN: We often hear about how, say, fashion shows and filmmaking have been affected by the pandemic. But these days, people are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of staying fit while access to gyms is still, for the most part, restricted. How has the past year been for trainers like yourself? In what meaningful ways has our “new normal” affected the way you train?
Jon Herrmann: I actually started personal training when the pandemic began. I’d train people at the park with masks on watching our distance. There are always ways around the system and making things work out. I’m moving into a house next month where I plan to set a gym up in the garage to train clients.

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DAMAN: In general, what would be your top tips to staying fit and healthy?
Jon Herrmann: Consistency and finding a balance. Those are, by far, the top aspects someone should focus on when wanting to get fit.

DAMAN: Other than being an actor, model and certified PT, what else do you do? Do you have any other pursuits, hobbies, passions that take up your time?
Jon Herrmann: Yes! I picked up the guitar about a year ago. I love playing! Though I’m not the best and don’t make time for it every day, when I do play it’s so freeing and relaxing and makes me really happy. I also make a little rap music on the side, just for fun. I have a lot of friends who do music, so I thought it would be fun to pick it up and play a bit.

I’m a huge fan of the beach. I love the ocean so much; I grew up around it. I also do Muay Thai. I’ve been doing that for a couple years and that’s something I absolutely love. When I’m in class and sparring or running routines with partners, my mind is fully clear and I’m not thinking about anything else that’s going on in life.

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DAMAN: And last but not least, what motivates you to get up and face each new day?
Jon Herrmann: The hunger for wanting more out of life. Not necessarily money, but the drive to become a better person every day—to become better at my passions, my work. I’m not looking for perfection anywhere in my life, but what I am looking for is progress every new day and another opportunity to wake up and be better than I was yesterday. And to motivate anyone around the world that watches me and make them feel that they have a chance to turn their life around at any point.

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