Givenchy Embraces an Imperfect Mix in Its Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

In Matthew M. Williams’ Givenchy, there is a mix of luxury and utility, lavishness and austerity, together with imperfect beauty and humanity.

It points to the distinctly emotional side of the business of luxury and fashion that is sometimes forgotten in its confines. This is, of course, something that Williams is keen for all to partake in, particularly in this first live show experience. For this spring/summer 2022 collection, Williams bridges the classical, radical and practical, and the silhouettes explore the tension between extravagance and discipline, tradition and today. At the same time, the collection embraces tradition, the techniques of the salon and timelessness, proving that these distinct elements are not mutually exclusive. As always, at Givenchy, both classicism and subversion play their parts.