Gerard Butler: new face of L’Oreal Men

Gerard Butler joined grooming brand L’Oreal as the new face of L’Oreal for Men Expert Hydra Energetic skincare line.

Joining other well-known ambassadors, Nicholas Saputra being one of them locally, Gerard Butler is now the face of grooming brand L’Oreal for their skincare and facial treatment line to energize and exfoliate the skin.

Renowned actor Gerard Butler, famous for his roles in RocknRolla and 300 (and his great quote, “This is Sparta!”), is the new face of L’Oreal Paris’ Men’s Expert Hydra Energetic Line.

Of the collaboration he told the press, that “it is an exciting opportunity to work with L’Oreal Paris. The quality and innovation of the products of L’Oreal have always attracted me.” Gerard is the latest face of L’Oreal Paris, but the savvy company also have lots of “local” ambassadors. The one for Indonesia has been Nicholas Saputra for the past year plus. Either way, Gerard or Nicholas, you are getting onboard with some solid star power.