Gentle Monster Presents Its Second Collaboration With Huawei

The glasses and shades arrive with futuristic touch controls and speakers

Following last year’s collaboration, Gentle Monster and Huawei team up once again for another collection of smart frames. Huawei x Gentle Monster II is a sleeker version of its predecessor and is a 12-piece collection with futuristic touch controls and speakers. Imagine wearing this for your next Zoom meeting.

Let’s take a closer look at the list of features. Huawei x Gentle Monster II comes in a titanium alloy with 12 degrees of opening and closing ranges. Each smart glass comes with speakers with diaphragms measuring 128mm2 on the temples. To provide stereo sound, the speakers are positioned on either side of the lenses. The temples also act as controllers, to accept or decline calls, access voice assistant and even change music playback. All of those features are activated by touch gestures.

Huawei said that the new acoustic design avoids leakage of sound and protects privacy. Moreover, the eardrum design also holds comfortably onto the ear and avoids irritation for the wearer.

The smart glasses provide up to five hours of music playback and three and a half hours for calls. Not bad at all. It also comes with a charging case as well as a USB Type-C port and LED indicator. The collection is now available for pre-order at Gentle Monster’s China web store.