Gadget: Smartwatches and 4 Reasons Why You Need Them

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Like iPad, Apple Watch is sure to be a game changer in this flourishing new tech sector. Announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook last September, this smartwatch— available early 2015—is an extension of the do-it-all iPhone but in a sexier, slimmer package. Running on iOS 8, the watch boasts fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities, which can be synchronized with the iPhone 5 and later models. Even more exciting is the fact that Apple is ready to release not just one but three collections with differing cases and bands: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

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Hot on the heels of Ashton Kutcher’s venture into Silicon Valley is singer and musician He released the Puls by smartwatch last October, an Android watch with 3G connectivity and a SIM card slot. Perhaps the most impressive is the fact that you can use the watch to make phone calls, read messages and even stream music online with the need for a separate mobile phone. Along with these capabilities, the Puls is designed to enamor fashion- and music-enthusiasts as the watch takes on an eye-catching cuff design and sports a number of fashionable accessories, such as a backpack with built-in speakers and a jacket with a battery recharging feature.



The LG G Watch R represents the best of the Android smartwatch bunch. It’s got that visually attractive round dial design and angular metal frame that remind most of us what a wristwatch should generally look like. Even the 46.4mm case size suits the trend of big wristwatches of today. In terms of functionality, the G Watch R comes with a heart-rate sensor and will display notifications from your phone, including calendar appointments, travel information and messages.


Four reasons why you need a smartwatch:


1. For fitness buffs, most smartwatches have a heart-rate sensor to track physical activity.


2. Reminders are synced automatically to your watch time. No need to check your cellphones.


3. You can personalize how you want your watch dial to look—Mickey Mouse is welcome.


4. It’s small, smart and, most importantly, trending. Who doesn’t want to be part of the cool crowd?