Gadget: Samsung GALAXY Alpha Smartphone

OF STYLE AND SUBSTANCE. An elegant all-around smartphone that is as stylish as you are, the Samsung GALAXY Alpha ticks all the right boxes

Samsung GALAXY Alpha 4

Samsung GALAXY Alpha 3

Finding a phone that suits your style and also satisfies all your tech-savvy needs is definitely not an easy task. Despite the day and age, it always seems that smartphone manufacturers often manage to overlook either one of the aspects. However, the whiz kids at Samsung appear as style-conscious as they are technologically knowledgeable, and the Samsung GALAXY Alpha is a prime example of their work.

The GALAXY Alpha has been exquisitely designed. It is, in fact, Samsung’s first smartphone to incorporate a sturdy metallic chassis, and the sleek appearance makes it absolute eye-candy. The metal bezel is responsible for the charming shined finish of the smartphone, exuding contemporary elegance and a luxury feel. The smartphone’s straight edges and precision-cut chamfers also highlight its striking appearance. And despite the use of metal, the 4.7-inch smartphone is still light and thin at 115g and 6.7mm respectively, making it a joy to hold in the hand or slide into your jeans pocket. Completing the equation is the wide variety of color options: black, white, silver and gold.

What’s more, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the GALAXY Alpha has an advanced camera system. Its 12-megapixel rear camera allows you to take pictures with a good depth-of-field; so say goodbye to out-of-focus and distorted photos. The camera is also impervious to sticky lighting conditions too, as the smartphone boasts real-time HDR. Moreover, the camera can capture 4K video with no screen tearing. Photos and videos look brilliantly clear as displayed on the Super AMOLED screen.

Samsung GALAXY Alpha 1

Samsung GALAXY Alpha 2

So, it looks great but what is it like to live with? Well, thankfully a new powerful Octa Core Processor has been unveiled along with the GALAXY Alpha to ensure that the smartphone is able to walk the walk. Named the Exynos 5 Octa 5430 system-on-chip, it is first to use a 20-nanometer manufacturing process, which allows the processor to operate in a powerful yet smooth manner. The smartphone is powered with the Ultra Power Saving mode, which works ultra-hard to conserve your battery life. So there we have it: Who says that a good-looking phone can’t be reliable? It appears that Samsung GALAXY Alpha is happy to be the exception to the rule.