Gadget Review: HTC First

FACEBOOK’S FIRST PHONE. Rumors that Facebook was coming out with its very own mobile phone have been swirling for a while.


While some predicted the social network was about to branch out into hardware or create its own mobile operating system, the truth turned out to be a little more tentative. Instead of a full fledged OS, Facebook has created a heavily modified version of Android, dubbed Facebook Home, that puts the social networks info stream front and center. The first phone to feature Facebook Home is the HTC First. While the mid-range phone’s specs are nothing spectacular, the new interface does promise some fun functions. Items and photos from your newsfeed are broadcast directly to your home or lock screen in realtime, so you don’t even need to fire up a specialized app. The software also makes it even easier to share your photos and other media directly to Facebook while also integrating your phone contacts and friend list into one seamless whole. For those who can’t bear to be away from their newsfeed even for a moment, the HTC First should keep you more than happy.