Gadget Review: Dell’s XPS 13

POWER IN A SMALL PACKAGE. Dell’s opening salvo into the ultrabook market is its ultra-portable XPS 13 laptop.

Although the screen is 13.3-inches wide, the machine features a nearly frameless edge-to-edge glass screen, giving it the form factor of an 11-inch product. The XPS 13 is loaded with second-generation Intel Core i7 processors, as well as Intel HD 3000 graphics and a WLED 300-nit display capable of rendering crisp high-definition images. The XPS 13 is also one of the first ultrabooks to feature Intel Smart Connect technology, which allows it to continuously detect and scan known networks in order to keep your calendar and email up to date while you are on the move.

And with it’s built in 1.3 MP camera and dual array digital microphones, you’ll never have an excuse to be out of touch with your wired friends.