Gadget: Bose QC®20

LISTEN UP. High-end noise-cancelling headphone brand Bose has jumped on the bandwagon by launching its first in-ear headphones.

Called the QC®20, the audio equipment is designed with the user’s control in mind. While you can block the outside world with the full-on noise reduction, the Aware mode lets some noise in, essential when you’re crossing the road or simply working in a busy office. The stylish StayHear+ tips fit the ears comfortably—no worries on a stuck in-ear piece. The QC®20 is commendable for Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone, whereas the QC®20i model with a voice command button suits iPhone and iPod. The headphones work on and off rechargeable battery, though the sound is way much more lifelike when running on a battery.