G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise”

After a series of teasers, G-Dragon of Big Bang finally unveiled his much-hyped PEACEMINUSONE x Nike collaboration. The PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” sneakers celebrate the Big Bang leader’s admiration towards hip hop style.

While Air Force 1 later became an integral part of his uniform as he progresses into a worldwide countercultural phenomenon, he didn’t always have easy access to it. “Ever since I came across hip-hop as a kid, AF1 has had a meaning greater than just shoes,” says G-DRAGON. “I couldn’t afford them, so I would always pass the Nike store and admire them with my eyes and heart only. For those who loved hip-hop culture, oversized clothes, hats and matching-colored AF1s was the uniform.”

While it may look as another collaborative footwear by a famous personality, it literally hides a gem of an artwork that could probably make it one of the best collaborative pieces of all time—the low cut AF1 features a premium leather upper that’s painted over with a special black coating—designed to slowly wear out and reveal a personal artwork created by G-Dragon. The hidden artwork is to convey G-Dragon’s sense of optimism, inspired by the singer-songwriter’s vision of a world where the youth are unified through creativity and a free exchange of ideas.

Meanwhile, his other design includes contrasting Nike logo, embroidered daisy motifs at the tongue, branded thick laces, removable custom pins in the upper eyelets, PEACEMINUSONE-marked white lining, printed insoles, and an AF1 sole adorned with brushstrokes of black paint.

Rumored to be priced at USD 200, G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” is set to release globally on November 23, 2019, with its official list of locations will be announced soon.