G-Dragon is Designing a Bluetooth Headset

G-Dragon can design anything apparently


G-Dragon PEACEMINUSONE Soundband Headset-1


He’s done “designing” music and shoes. And South Korean superstar G-Dragon has now launched a headset of his own. Named Soundband, the Bluetooth headset is released under his brand PEACEMINUSONE, which was established in October.


G-Dragon PEACEMINUSONE Soundband Headset-2


G-Dragon PEACEMINUSONE Soundband Headset-3


It is said that G-Dragon was very much involved in the design process of the headset, which is available in black, white and red. Soundband is completed with 5.7 dynamic drive, a mini USB connector and a microphone, allowing its users to take calls as well as listen to music. It also comes with LED lights and a battery will last for up to five hours.