From Watches & Wonders 2020: HYT’s H0

The new H0 uses the power of monochrome aesthetics to make its mark on a contemporary concept of time

The only watchmaker today to display time with fluids, HYT has unveiled the new member of the H0 family at this year’s Watches & Wonders online platform. This time, the Neuchatel-based brand uses the power of monochrome aesthetics to present a distraction-free view of fluidic time for the new H0.

Design-wise, purity might be the most fitting mantra for the all-black H0. This idea is expressed by the watch’s domed, sapphire crystal, which instantly facilitates different perspectives on the passage of time. Moreover, this theme is echoed by the seclusion of the bellows behind a smoky gray glass. Any visual punctuation of the monochromatic whole in this watch is carefully considered down to the finest detail.

From the Super-LumiNova on the flange numbers and hands, to the ultra-fine markers on the dial, everything fits perfectly. This also extends to the black dial and the sandblasted counters that are combined with HYT’s exclusive patented micro-fluidic module. It’s safe to say that on the new H0, time is continually on the move.

As an established master at enabling art and science to share the same stage, HYT also encourages contemplation of alternative turning points in the day with a focus on six o’clock. Mirroring the outline of the sun—with orange Super-LumiNova underneath the capillary—that charts the flow of time, this part punctuates the layered look and highlights the core message that each tiny element of the whole is vital to seamless dynamic performance.

As the watch provides an enigmatic black canvas to visualize and honor the flow of existence from the wearer’s life, the latest H0 timepiece by HYT is surely an invitation to reflect deeply on one’s own perception of time.