From James to Jace: Dominic Sherwood of “Shadowhunters” on Channeling Pop Culture Icons

OUT OF THE SHADOWS. From channeling James Dean to playing the lead male in the much-awaited TV show “Shadowhunters,” Dominic Sherwood is moving out of the shadows and stepping into the spotlight


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Leather jacket by Sandro, turtleneck sweater by Reiss


There’s a saying that goes “You are the company you keep.” If that’s really how the world works, Dominic Sherwood is definitely in a good place right now. First off, the 25-year-old is currently dating actress Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family” fame. Plus, his circle of friends includes none other than Taylor Swift, who cast him in the music video for her single, “Style.” On top of that, earlier this year, he was chosen to play the lead male character in “Shadowhunters,” a TV adaptation of best-selling young adult series “The Mortal Instruments.”


DA MAN: Hi, Dominic. For those of us new to “Shadowhunters,” can you give us a short breakdown of what to expect from the show?
Dominic Sherwood: I can’t wait to share this show with both existing fans and new ones! You can expect a lot of action, heartbreak, romance and massive amounts of tension.

DA MAN: Do you think that fans of the novels will be missing out by not following “Shadowhunters”?
Dominic Sherwood: Absolutely! If it were me, I would want to see every adaptation I possibly could. And not only that, I’m proud to say this show is epic on its own.

DA MAN: The character you play, Jace Wayland, is often described being very complex: a “jerk with a heart of gold” with a lot of quirks and a lot of emotional baggage. How do you get into a character like that?
Dominic Sherwood: I developed Jace by looking deeply into every emotion he feels—love, passion, anger—and then trying very hard to hide them under layers of arrogance and sarcasm. Exactly as Jace would.

DA MAN: Back in 2015, you tweeted “First day of training for @ShadowhuntersTV for @ABCFamily and I am in serious pain!!” Just what kind of training did they put you through for this show?
Dominic Sherwood: The first is physical. That included heavy muscle training. The Shadowhunters are soldiers and have to look as such. I am skinny as a rake naturally, so that had to change. Number two is stunts. Martial arts training as well as weapons training, which, as you could imagine, is the most fun.

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