Fresh Meat in Jakarta

American Icon comes to Jakarta. The year was 1941, and in Los Angeles, California, a young guy named Carl N. Karcher borrowed US$311 and got himself a hotdog cart.

Five years later, Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue opens with hamburgers on the menu. Today, Carl’s Jr. is a worldwide fast-food sensation, not only for its finger-licking, innovative burgers, but also for its fantastically fun, even controversial, TV ads.

Well now, Carl’s Jr. (Grand Indonesia West, LG; 62-21/2358-1123) has arrived in Jakarta and enlisted the services of fantastically fun Indonesian celeb Farah Quinn to promote it. The funny thing is, these burgers really don’t need all that promotional hoopla.

As fast-food burgers go, this one is probably the best of the bunch in Jakarta at the moment. My particular favorite is the chili-cheese burger (it’s not like standard table-variety chili pepper sauce, it’s like NYC-style chili con carne), with their super-fresh buns.

Another good one is the mushroom and Swiss cheese burger, but there is something for every taste. Let the burger wars begin and Jakarta’s burger lovers will all be winners. – Dino Moriartie

From the DA MAN October/November 2010 issue.