Fred Perry Launches Short Movies About Millennials

Fred Perry features three short movies in support of the millennials


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Fred Perry’s existence has always been synonymous with subcultures. Most notably, the brand was closely associated with the Mods in the 1960s.

So it was hardly a surprise to see the 2016 Fred Perry rubbing shoulders with arguably the most significant subculture of the recent past: millennial.

The Britain-originated fashion brand worked together with Jocks & Nerds Magazine to record a series of short movies entitled “Young Heads: New Millennial Subcultures;” each of which revolves around the lives and activities of three different millennial groups.

For the first video, directors Max Cutting and Rich Luxton visited the Mile End Park to meet with a number of local skaters. In the film, the young Londoners talked about skate culture and camaraderie in the community.



The director duo then headed out to observe London’s rave scene, or what is also known as the “jungle,” and sat down with the “junglists,” aka the DJs, MCs, hosts of pirate radio stations and other personalities in the music scene.



The subjects of the last film were the members of a band named Kagoule. The film saw the band, which hails from Nottingham, discuss their music, their fellow millennial fans and their reluctance to be pigeonholed into a certain genre.