Fortune Favors The Bold: An Exclusive Chat with Pro Model Hunter Warr

Hunter Warr talks about the luck and the work ethic that drives pro models like himself

Trunks by Calvin Klein

There are two sides to the world of professional modelling. On the one we have the chance encounter that lead to instant success and recognition on a global scale along with a jet set life that comes with shooting high-profile campaigns in the most exotic locations. On the other we have hard work. The willingness to put in the work, having a solid work ethic, all while also being creative and passionate.
Up-and-coming model Hunter Warr These definitely understands how these contrasts work—the joy and glamor of modeling vs. the professionalism that enables the joyful and glamorous aspects. So, as we settle into a new season of fashion, DA MAN sat down with Warr for a quick chat about some of the ins and outs of his chosen path.

DAMAN: Before you went into modeling, what were you busy with or planning for?
Hunter Warr: Originally, I was attending college as a full-time student while planning to get a degree in kinesiology. My original life plan was to become a physical therapist since I was heavily involved in athletics growing up.

DAMAN: And how did you end up becoming a model? Can you tell us a bit about how and when this chapter of your life began?
Hunter Warr: Does luck count? Being in the right place at the right time? I couldn’t give you a straight answer because honestly, those all seem to be the best way to describe it. The best analogy I can use to summarize my entry into modeling was like Channing Tatum’s, but I have only been modeling for a short period of time now. I think about seven months and going on eight.

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DAMAN: How about the “why”? What was it that first conviced you to give modeling a try?
Hunter Warr: Modeling was something that my family had always tried to convince me to take up, but
I honestly never really thought anything of it. I don’t think I really considered it until I was approached by a photographer named Ace who is a good friend of mine while I was working at the club I was discovered at.

DAMAN: Which parts of the job really took you by surprise at the beginning? Or in other words, what were some of the biggest challenges for a model just starting out?
Hunter Warr: What shocked me the most, but I learned to adapt to, was public exposure. I am from Louisiana and it’s fairly a small state where everyone basically already knows one another in some form. So, when that grew to a larger scale quickly, it took me a moment to adjust to the attention that comes with this new fun reality.

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DAMAN: On the flip side, what were the parts that immediately felt natural to you when you began modeling?
Hunter Warr: It has always felt natural because I consider myself an extremely outgoing person, so I’ve always continued to act like myself which happens to flow perfectly with my career and on set.

DAMAN: So far throughout your career, what would you say has been the most important project, photo shoot or show that you’ve done?
Hunter Warr: My favorite shoot was my Steven Klein shoot for many reasons. He is a phenomenal photographer, plus it also provided me with a ton of spotlight for my career. Also, during that shoot, I met many new friends and had the opportunity to network for future potential jobs.

Trunks by AllSaints
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DAMAN: What was the craziest, most challenging or otherwise memorable thing you ever had to do in front of the camera?
Hunter Warr: My most memorable event is one hundred percent the nude shoot with Steven Klein.

DAMAN: What would you say are your best and most unique qualities? When you’re chosen to walk in a show, be on a cover, etc., what do you think do your clients see in you that impresses them?
Hunter Warr: It’s difficult to be objective about myself but I think I have a specific look many clients are looking for. For example, my height, hair style, eye color, staying lean and toned, and sometimes my tattoos help me stick out.

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DAMAN: What has been the most enjoyable part of being a professional model?
Hunter Warr: Getting to travel constantly around the world has been the best thing ever. I never thought I would get this opportunity, so I am so grateful to be able to enjoy this perk of the job.

DAMAN: On a related note, what is something that the average person gets wrong about modeling, photo shoots etc.?
Hunter Warr: People often glorify the job way more than it actually is and can be. I often come across people who assume models come off as pretentious or arrogant, and it’s quite upsetting because that is far from who and what I am—and especially what the jobs are. Photoshoots tend to be very fun and consists of equally uplifting creative people. People in the industry have a passion for the art and beauty of things.

“Photoshoots tend to be very fun and consists of equally uplifting creative people. People in the industry have a passion for the art and beauty of things”

DAMAN: We’ve noticed that you’re quite active on Instagram and also TikTok. Do you think that it’s important for models to have an active online presence? And why?
Hunter Warr: In my opinion, yes … 100 percent. Especially today where social media has become the major building block to many careers. Many castings directors and agencies are often looking on these apps to scout for talent.

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DAMAN: Speaking about social media, for the past several years we’ve seen the steady rise of influencers in various fields, especially fashion. Do you consider fashion influencers, IG models and so on as competition or as just another part of the fashion business Basically, what do you think about the popularity of non-traditional models like these?
Hunter Warr: No, I don’t see anyone as competition in this industry because everyone has their own style, groove and goals. However, I do believe that major influencers have flooded the modeling industry making it more difficult for smaller upcoming models to establish themselves as easily.

DAMAN: All in all, what would you say does it take for a professional model to really make it in the business nowadays?
Hunter Warr: I believe having ambition and a solid work ethic sets people apart. It is not a job that really is just given to you. There still is a ton of work a person must do in order to become an experienced professional model.

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Shirt by Givenchy
T-shirt by Louis Vuitton

DAMAN: By the way, how do you stay fit? Do you follow a specific exercise routine? Or maybe a specific diet program?
Hunter Warr: I am constantly active. During a normal week I do four full body workouts at a gym and participate in extracurricular activities such as football on the weekends. I am also often outside running around and playing with my dog, Lola, who must play at least three times a day.

DAMAN: Do you have any upcoming photoshoots, projects, fashion shows or collaborations that you can tell us about?
Hunter Warr: I honestly never know my schedule. In my opinion it is bad luck to know and share the jobs you are doing a couple of days before.

DAMAN: Do you have a dream project? If you could work with anyone, anywhere, anytime … what would you want to do?
Hunter Warr: I would one day like to work with a fragrance brand.

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Casablanca Paris

DAMAN: When your work schedule lets up a bit, what do you usually do to pass the time? Do you have any hobbies, passions outside work?
Hunter Warr:
When I get the time, I always hang out with family, friends and my dog, Lola. I am always doing something because I am highly active and believe there is so much to do in such little time. I love enjoying all of life’s moments it has to offer.

DAMAN: Last question … do you have a favorite saying, motto or quote that kind of helps you face each day as it comes?
Hunter Warr: It is what it is. It will be whatit will be. Whatever is meant for me will find me. I live with no expectations because it leaves a plethora of room for gratitude and I’m always getting surprises. And to always stay humble and kind. Be the good in the world.

Hoodie by Louis Vuitton

Shirt by Givenchy
T-shirt by Louis Vuitton

Trunks by AllSaints
Briefs by Emporio Armani