Five Other Colors of Jeans You Can Pull Off this Summer

Jeans – the epitome of mens casual style that fits practically anything. From any season to any activity. From (most) any occasions to any time of the day. A pair of jeans is the loyal companion to your everyday doings. Doesn’t mean it has to be only one, though. We list five different kinds that would fit summer in the city perfectly.


Ryan Gosling at Cannes – probably the best place to pull the white jeans look

Mix these dandy pair with an aloha shirt (or any loose shirt, for that matter) and a pair of comfortable slip-ons. Your tropical stroll along the city outskirts are now classier than ever.


When you have thin legs like Harry Styles, go with a pair of skinny black jeans

Be it on a motorcycle or performing onstage, the skinny ones are obviously better. But if you don’t have the figure for it, it’s still an instant rockstar look (whether you play in a band or not, that’s another matter).


Light strolls are best in a pair of greys – ask Orlando Bloom

As any other reused trends, the 90s are back – and along came the grungy and effortlessly nonchalant grey jeans. You walk in the park? Getting a cup of coffee? Work in a coworking space? These are the ones to put on.


Is there anybody else that can pull a beaten-up jeans better than Kanye?

A timeless classic that stayed within every trend of every year because of its ironic definition, the ripped jeans makes the wearer (you guessed it) the least stressed man in the room.

Everything Else

Brad Goreski shows us that when it comes to dressing up, you need to be bold

As it is with the spirit of a pair of jeans itself: it needs to be casual, it needs to be strong, it needs to fit good. Nobody said it needs to be a head turning fashion statement. Not that there’s a rule that says it can’t, though.