Fitness Promotion: Ninja Camp

NO PAIN LOTSA GAIN. We take a closer look at the new trend of “experiential fitness holidays” with Ninja Camp’s John Stanton


A glimpse of the “camp”

What comes to mind when you hear the words “training camp”? Military-styled boot camps? Survival training in the jungle? Well, apparently, there’s another kind of camp; one that John Stanton from Ninja Camp refers to as “experiential fitness holidays.”

Ninja Camp, which is based in Bali and also operates as far as Guatemala and Iceland, is an apt illustration of this model. “Working out during a Ninja week is only a small part of the immersion,” Stanton explains. The fitness component at the camp focuses mostly on CrossFit workouts, but this is further supplanted by activities from surfing to free-diving and more.

And food. In Ninja Camp, this means a private chef—Ninja Chef Josh Davies, to be exact—along with gourmet ingredients and exclusive food preparation classes. If that sounds indulgent, wait till you hear about the daily therapeutic massages and yoga sessions. Then again, for high-achieving professionals, a holiday that is both rejuvenating and challenging can often be a lot more life-changing than a whole week spent focusing solely on intense physical workouts.


Ninja Chef Josh Davies

Of course, an abundance of creature comforts definitely helps with pushing people out of their comfort zones. “We have not found it difficult at all to persuade people to enjoy incredible food, professional body work, sleep eight plus hours per night, and work out and have adventures with other like-minded amazing people,” Stanton revealed. But, again, that’s exactly what Ninja Camp is all about.

“These people are already Ninjas in their professional lives,” Stanton concluded, “and they are becoming aware that to be truly happy, they need to take good care of their bodies. Meaning, they are looking for exactly this kind of holiday to balance being pampered with being challenged.”


Canyoneering with Ninja Camp

This season, Ninja Camp will be holding classes on the following dates:

27 June – 3 July, Bali: RokFit, coach Taylor Rank from Dubai and Culinary Farmacy
11 – 17 July, Bali: Coaches from Primal Sydney
15 – 21 August, Bali: Talayna Fortunato
12 – 18 September, New Zealand: Heli-skiing, mountaineering and a chef’s table at Queenstown
26 September – 2 October, Bali: Stress Management and Aerial Awareness Week
17 – 23 October, Bali: Surprise Season Finale.


Interested in signing up for the full Ninja Camp experience? Send an email to Kristen Linder* at klinder[at]destinasian[dot]com

*We will help you net an additional VIP Package worth US$500. This includes additional body work sessions, a premium room upgrade, a welcome gift box and special Ninja apparel from RoKFit Worldwide.