Fendi Released the Mania Capsule

After teasing with a new waistbag slabbed with both their monogram and their own name in the classic Fila typeface, Fendi have announced an interesting limited collection that embarks a blast to the past – the 80s’ to be exact.

Fendi Mania waistbag

Dubbed the Fendi Mania, the capsule release was most distinct by the Fendi/Fila blend (especially that unmistakable “F”), even completed with the familiar red, blue and white pallet.

Fendi Mania footwears
Fendi Mania bags collection

The collection ranged from various footwears, several types of bags, caps and necktie. All bore signature elements from both Fendi and Fila, such as the aforementioned font and monogram.

Fendi Mania accessories

Projected to be released around next month, this pretty cool looking collection is predicted to be a hit among streetwear freaks and luxury aficionados alike. Better keep checking Fendi’s web store regularly starting next week!