Fendi Released the Cutest Bag for Men Ever

WHY SO SERIOUS. There’s basically no way we can live a day free of emojis. Embracing this quirk in texting is Fendi through its new FendiFaces collection, a fresh interpretation following the uber-famous Fendi Monster collection

Jackets, small leather goods and bags, all bear comical eyes, eyebrows and a mouth forming a face that’s full of character. The backpack is highly covetable, with several different interpretations shown on the runway—one of which even portrays the FendiFaces that screams the brand name in a speech bubble. No less witty is the FendiFaces Peekaboo bag, apt for conjuring a smile on the face of any onlooker. The idea of a face-like design is nothing new, but Fendi really knows how to make it relevant even in a world full of emojis like today.

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