Fendi Men’s 2021 Winter Capsule Collection

Unmistakably Fendi, the maison’s latest offerings show a playful reimagining of classic menswear pieces that are at once playful, yet functional

Right on time for the new season, Fendi showcases its Men’s 2021 Winter Capsule Collection. Characterized with its use of neutral colors and bold silhouettes, the collection embraces everyday urban living through pieces that offer much sportier looks. In a way, the capsule presents a blend of natural elements with the brand’s mission of creating a sophisticated wardrobe for the modern man that is at once classic, intricate, yet still playful. 

The collection introduces several new pieces such as the very functional Fendiness backpack in ECONYL—a regenerated nylon made by Aquafil—that features a distinctive FF logo on the metal buckle. There’s also the Fendi Fragment, an abstract marble print that is combined with iconic elements such as the FF and Karligraphy logo.  

It’s clear that the collection is inspired by the reimagining of menswear staples that have been given a fresh new spin by the brand with a sprinkling of an adventurer’s spirit, with these elements being most prominent in pieces like the double-breasted jackets and tailored trousers which had been reimagined through a more relaxed view. All in all, truly a collection that shines significance on fun in an urban setting.