Fendi Knows How to Have Fun in its Fall Campaign

The “Fendi Faces” takes center stage in the brand’s men’s fall/winter 2016 campaign film




When Fendi first unveiled its men’s fall/winter 2016 collection, all eyes were pretty much fixed on the Faces. When we said “Faces,” we were referring to Fendi Faces, the brand’s latest innovation in design.

A follow-up to Fendi’s previous highly successful Fendi Bag Bugs, the Fendi Faces pattern features patches that are placed in such a way to resemble a face. It appears in jackets, shirts and bags, including the iconic Peekaboo.

The Fendi Faces is definitely fun; that’s why it attracts the public so much. So when Fendi launches its fall/winter 2016 campaign, which focuses heavily on the said pattern, it’s only fitting to have one that is as fun as Fendi Faces.

The campaign film starts in black and white, with a shot of a sleeping man (played by model Roch Barbot). The scene cuts to the same man, who is now appearing fully colored, in a vintage-looking living room, dancing gleefully in Fendi’s fall/winter 2016 collection. Is it all just a dream, or is it reality? Trying to guess the answer to the question is one of the fun parts of the film.

Watch the film below: