Features: Old and New Pictures of Actors Attending the Sundance Film Festival 2015

OLD AND NEW. Have you ever compared the look of your favorite actors back in the day and now? Here are several actors seen at the Sundance Film Festival 2015 and their earlier photos in DA MAN

Thomas Mann DA MAN

Thomas Mann

  1. Thomas Mann

After “Me and Earl” premiered at Sundance, Thomas Mann still has eight films ready for release. Sporting a youthful street-look during DA MAN‘s photo shoot in 2013, the rising star appeared in a preppy look at this year’s Sundance with a black and brown outfit that was simple yet neat.



 Patrick Wilson DA MAN

Patrick Wilson

  1. Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson shone brightly on the Sundance red carpet, especially when his new major movie, “Zipper,” premiered. While clad in formal suit-and-tie during his DA MAN photo shoot in 2013, the talented actor looked confidently handsome in a black-on-black look at the film festival. He proved that a black leather jacket and blue jeans always look great together.



James Marsden DA MAN

"The D Train" Premiere - 2015 Sundance Film Festival

  1. James Marsden

Having been intimate with Jack Black in his newest film “D-Train,” James Marsden couldn’t seem to part with the co-star at the Sundance Film Festival. He sported a clean-shaven face and rocked a military outfit for DA MAN‘s photo shoot back then in 2012, and now the well-built actor donned comfortable outerwear and well-fitted pants at the red carpet. He even showed a goofy pose in his red bomber jacket and black scarf.



Kellan Lutz DA MAN

Kellan Lutz

  1. Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz dazzled up the red carpet with his self-assured walk and smirk at the premier of the “Experimenter” at Sundance. While he pulled off daring and ready-to-kill poses during his DA MAN’s photo shoot in 2010, the hunky actor’s outfit at the event channeled a dapper nerdy personality. Lutz effortlessly posed before the paparazzi in a grey jacket and suede beige trousers with a pair of glasses.



Picture 3

Chris Pine DA MAN

  1. Chris Pine

Chris Pine attended this year’s Sundance and the premiere of “Z for Zachariah.” In a 2009 issue of DA MAN, the famous actor donned an ensemble of Burberry’s winter collection, from trench coat to shoes. At the Sundance red carpet, Pine appeared dashing in a layering combination of a white tee, black puff jacket, grey coat and patterned scarf.