Feature: Top 5 New TV Series in 2015

SLEEK SERIES. Along with the season change, TV networks are bringing out their newest series. Here are five candidates for your must-watch list this year

Battle Creek

  1. “Battle Creek” (Season 1)

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters, Kal Penn

Release: March 2015

From the creators of “Breaking Bad” comes “Battle Creek,” featuring two detectives with different views on the world who are forced to team up to tackle the crime. Using cynicism, guile and deception, they clean up the streets of Battle Creek. Even though it’s primarily a crime drama, there is still a large amount of comedy in it.

 CSI Cyber

  1. CSI: Cyber (Season 1)

Cast: Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Jon Maxwell

Release: March 2015

In “CSI: Cyber,” special agent Avery Ryan works to solve crimes as a cyber-psychologist for the FBI, based on the works of real-life cyber-psychologist Mary Aiken. She solves crimes committed in cyberspace ranging from identity theft to stalking and bullying. Unlike its predecessors, the series won’t be a procedural-heavy show.

 The Messengers

  1. The Messenger (Season 1)

Cast: Sofia Black D’Elia, Riley Smith, Lexi Atkins

Release: April 2015

At the beginning of “The Messenger,” a mysterious object crashes on Earth and emits an energy pulse that seemingly kills a group of unconnected strangers with no similarities at all. However, they are then awakened only to find out that they have been chosen to prevent the impending apocalypse.

 Shane West, Janet Montgomery

  1. “Salem” (Season 2)

Cast: Shane West, Seth Gabel, Xander Berkeley

Release: April 2015

In the second season of “Salem,” which premieres exactly a year after the release of the first season, Mary Sibley is still trying to hide her true identity from the people of Salem where witch trials are casually performed. It’s getting more complicated as her ex-lover returns to town from the war. The series ventures even more into the realm of the supernatural.


  1. “Fargo” (Season 2)

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Patrick Wilson

Release: Fall 2015

In the second season of the award-winning “Fargo,” problems revolve around the owner of the town’s only restaurant, Lou Solverson. Lou is thirty-three and freshly returns from the Vietnam War. Details of the plot haven’t been revealed yet but we know that it will be based on three movies: “Miller’s Crossing,” “The Man Who Wasn’t There,” and, of course, “Fargo.”