Feature: Men’s Styling Lessons from the Golden Globes 2015

FASHIONABLE FELLOWS. At the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, straying away from traditional black suits was a strong trend. However, that’s not all. Here are some other styling ideas straight from the red carpet

1 Jared Leto

  1. Give colorful suits a try

As seen on: Jared Leto and Alan Cumming
There were a slate of colorful suits dazzling up the Golden Globes’ red carpet this year. White, green, blue, purple and even khaki are some of the shades worn dapperly by the talented actors. To emulate such styling, you can try a dark blue, maroon or emerald-hued suit for a start. If you have a darker skin tone, brighter-colored suits might hit it off better. You can pair the tops with darker- or same-colored bottoms. Arguably, wearing red, orange or fuchsia is still quite a stretch.

 2 Clive Owen

  1. You can pull off a velvet suit

As seen on: Clive Owen and Eddie Redmayne

There are several key points worth heeding to pull this posh suit off. Firstly, the suit looks great only when it’s well fitted. Secondly, the suit won’t work with a waistcoat—especially in a tropical climate. But more importantly, you can wear a velvet jacket, but velvet trousers are best avoided; so don’t even try to pull off an all-velvet look!

 3 Allen Leech

  1. Shawl lapels are back on the scene

As seen on: Allen Leech and Andy Samberg

The male celebrities rocking tuxedos with shawl lapels looked so debonair on the red carpet. Popular on cardigans and other warm clothing articles, shawl lapels are actually creeping back into the fashion industry of late. Those lapels are a little tricky to wear, though. Truth be told, they won’t look good on skinny necks. They also only look good on tuxedos and not so on your everyday blazer—since they appear “too formal” or dressy for casual settings.

 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

  1. The most important accessory for a formal getup is a black bowtie

As seen on: Adrien Brody and David Oyelowo

You can nail a snazzy look with a black tie or bowtie without having to wear a classic black suit. In fact, this allows you to explore your own personality by donning the colored suit you like the most. Take a look at David Oyelowo who stylishly wore a black bowtie with a glittery suit. Meanwhile, Adrien Brody looked immaculately elegant in a black-on-black ensemble. It goes without saying that a black tie or bowtie is a must-have.

 5 Jake Gyllenhaal

  1. Beards are in

As seen on: Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Dornan

Great news to bearded gentlemen: Well-trimmed beard and dashing suits are equal to red-carpet ready with an attitude. An important note would be that a “cool” beard takes a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, remember that you will need to trim it well and regularly, and dress fittingly well, for that matter, so that the whole look won’t give off a wrong impression on red carpets.