Fashion Spread: Time-Honored Italian Elegance in “Parma Adore”

PARMA ADORE. Against the rustic countryside of Parma in Italy, these debonair Europeans personify time-honored Italian elegance

Feature Marcos_Single_1

Feature Marcos_Single_2

On Marco: Trousers by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, on Alexander: Trousers by Etro, on Nikolai: Trousers by Giorgio Armani

Feature Marcos_Single_3

On Nikolai: Leather tank by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, trousers by Bottega Veneta

Feature Marcos_Single_4

On Gabriel: Outfit by Bottega Veneta

Feature Marcos_Single_5

On Marco: Leather jacket by Bottega Veneta, T-shirt by Calvin Klein Collection, trousers by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

Feature Marcos_Single_6

On Alexander: Outfit by Etro

Feature Marcos_Single_7

On David: Pullover by Saint Laurent, shirt and trousers by Giorgio Armani, shoes by Etro

Feature Marcos_Single_8

On Elia: Pullover by Calvin Klein Collection, coat by Emporio Armani, trousers by Giorgio Armani, bag by Moreschi

Feature Marcos_Single_9

On Vitan: Outfit by Giorgio Armani

Feature Marcos_Single_10

On Gabriel: Coat by Giorgio Armani, trousers by Bottega Veneta

Feature Marcos_Single_11

On Vitan: Jacket by Moreschi, shirt and trousers by Giorgio Armani

Feature Marcos_Single_12

On Gabriel: Outfit by Etro

Feature Marcos_Single_13

On Pedro: Trousers by Giorgio Armani

Feature Marcos_Single_14

On Gabriel: Coat by Issey Miyake, shirt by Hugo Boss

Feature Marcos_Single_15

On Stefano: Coat by Giorgio Armani, trousers by Issey Miyake

Feature Marcos_Single_16

On David: Jacket by Bottega Veneta, gilet by Giorgio Armani, trousers by Calvin Klein Collection
On Elia: Jacket and T-shirt by Bottega Veneta, trousers by Emporio Armani, skull ring by Alexander McQueen

Feature Marcos_Single_17

On Stefano: Outfit by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

Feature Marcos_Single_18

On Fernando: Outfit by Bottega Veneta

Feature Marcos_Single_19

On David: Coat and shoes by Emporio Armani, shirt and trousers by Giorgio Armani

Feature Marcos_Single_20

On Pedro: Cardigan and T-shirt by Bottega Veneta, trousers by Giorgio Armani, shoes by Etro

Feature Marcos_Single_21

On Nikolai: Coat by Saint Laurent, shirt by Giorgio Armani

Feature Marcos_Single_22

On Alexander: Outfit by Etro, bag and shoes by Moreschi

Feature Marcos_Single_23

On Marco: Pullover by Calvin Klein Collection, trousers and bag by Bottega Veneta

Feature Marcos_Single_24

On Vitan: Outfit by Etro

Photography Marcos Domingo Sánchez

Styling Diana Aquila

Styling Assistant Matilde Berg

Grooming Handmade Studio for KIN Cosmetics

Models David FlorentinGabriel Burger/ Why Not, Elia B. & Pedro C./ Urban, Fernando Garcia, Alexander Van BallaerStefano Sala & Marco Castelli/ I Love, Nikolai Danielsen & Vitan/ Independent

Production DeeBee Creatives (