Fashion Spread: Cutting-Edge Innovation in “Peruvian Spirit”

PERUVIAN SPIRIT. From diverse pockets of Peru’s intriguing landscapes, Louis Vuitton draws inspiration for a technical yet charming fall/winter collection that sees cutting-edge innovation elevating the unique materials of the region. Captured under the glorious Californian sun, the stoic South American allure of the pieces conveys a message: we can be worn the world over

Feature LV_Single_2

On Silvester: Travel stripe suit, dark brown leather shoes

Feature LV_Single_1

On Brett: Robe coat

Feature LV_Single_3

On Silvester: Burgundy jacket with fur detail, burgundy double-breasted jacket, black shearling trousers, black leather shoes

Feature LV_Single_4

On Silvester: Navy blue trousers

Feature LV_Single_5

On Brett: Reversible shearling gilet, black shearling trousers, Alpinist ankle boots in calfskin

Feature LV_Single_6

On Brett: Reversible shearling parka with leather sleeve, black shearling trousers, Alpinist ankle boots in calfskin

Feature LV_Spread_1

On Brett: Oversized shawl-collared coat, black shearling trousers, Alpinist ankle boots in calfskin

Feature LV_Single_7

On Silvester: Alpaca oversized sweater

Feature LV_Single_8

On Vishnu: Dark blue jumpsuit with elastic belt, folded messenger leather bag with Damier pattern

Feature LV_Single_9

On Brett: Black shearling trousers, Alpinist ankle boots in calfskin

Feature LV_Single_10

On Vishnu: Matching grey top and trousers, black leather shoes


Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

Styling Alexa Rangroummith Green

Grooming Rebecca Kuzma

Models Brett Kallio and Silvester Ruck/DT Models, Vishnu Das