Exclusive Feature: Chad White

FIELD OF DREAMS. Chad White was on his way to becoming a pro baseball player before injury ended his dream. Luckily, he found a new one: modeling

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Denim Vest By Levi’s, Briefs By Calvin Klein

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Long-Sleeved Shirt By Ralph Lauren, Briefs By Calvin Klein

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T-Shirt By Calvin Klein

While he may not be batting on the field of a packed sports stadium, Chad White is now entertaining the crowds of the fashion world. The Oregon-born model has certainly put his athletic physique to good use in recent years, helping him build a truly formidable portfolio. Though he just turned 30, it would seem Chad White is just getting warmed up.

DA MAN: Chad, was a career in modeling always on the cards?
Chad White:
I was scouted a decent amount in high school and college, not for modeling though but for baseball. Then I injured my elbow, and a friend recommended I try modeling the rest is history.

DA: How did you feel about the profession to start with?
I have to admit I was pretty skeptical at first, but after working with Steven Klein in 2006 for L’Uomo Vogue, I was hooked. Few newcomers get to work with such a talented professional so early on in their careers so that experience was life-changing for me. Since then I’ve had the chance to work with him on multiple occasions and always learn something new.

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Denim Vintage Jacket By What Goes Around Comes Around, Briefs By Calvin Klein

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T-Shirt By Calvin Klein, Denim Jacket By Diesel, Denim Trousers By Vivienne Westwood

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T-Shirt By Calvin Klein, Denim Jacket By Diesel, Denim Trousers By Vivienne Westwood

DA: How does your mindset differ when you’re preparing for a photo shoot compared to a runway show?
Firstly, I’ll say that I always appreciate every opportunity I get regardless of whether it is a shoot or a show as I know there are 10,000 guys that would gladly take my spot! I love shoots because I get to interact with the photographer and have a lot more creative control. On the other hand, the runway is such a rush when you walk out to a full audience and tons of bright, flashing lights. After that, it’s all about staying focused and in control for the short period of time that you’re allocated.

DA: Is there a particularly exciting project you’ve been involved in?
I don’t take any project that I’m involved in for granted. From shooting L’Uomo Vogue with Steven Klein to the Brian Atwood campaign, my recent editorial in GQ, working with Dsquared2 and Ralph Lauren all of them count.

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Briefs By Calvin Klein

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T-Shirt By Calvin Klein, Vintage Denim Overalls By What Goes Around Comes Around

DA: What advice would you give to models coming up in the industry?
Basically that it’s all about keeping a positive attitude. Everyone in the industry will experience getting the door slammed in their face from time to time if not then I need to know your secret! Never give up and make sure you have a great support system in place to help you along the way.

DA: What keeps you busy at the moment?
Work, work, work … That and my dog, Batman.


“I appreciate every opportunity as i know there are 10,000 guys that would gladly take my spot”


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T-Shirt By Calvin Klein, Denim Trousers By What Goes Around Comes Around, Shoes By Converse

DA: Who is your mentor?
My parents. My dad teaches me to stay humble and to remember to appreciate the little things in life, while I always aspire to be as honest and sweet as my mother.

Photographer Nicholas Heavican
William Graper
Grooming Dallin James
Model Chad White/Soul Artist Management