Fashion Rules That Should Never be Broken

KEEP IT STRAIGHT. We have talked about the fashion trends that are breaking the rules, but now we discuss rules that should never be broken (at least for now)


Not all style rules are carved in stone, but there are certain menswear lores that aren’t subject to ever evolving trends or taste, but are simply samples of good advice that make sure you always look your best. Here are some of the unbreakable rules we advise you always follow.

Always unbutton the bottom button of a blazer

It is a force of habit that when presented with buttons, we have the tendency to button them all up, but apparently that isn’t always the case. Apparently the very bottom button on a blazer is best kept unbuttoned. This is because blazers or suits have been designed to flare at the bottom to give a slightly slimming effect to your waist. By buttoning it all up, you run the risk of ruining the silhouette. Keeping the bottom button undone also helpful when you have to sit down, as your movement will be less restricted when your posture changes.

Not all shirts are meant to be tucked in

Remember when you were back in school, and teachers would always scold you for not tucking in your shirt? Well, it may have made your uniform look more preppy, but that doesn’t mean every shirt needs to be tucked in to make it look smart. Not all shirts are created equal, and by tucking in the wrong shirt, can become more of a problem. Just try to tuck in a shirt made of heavy denim or flannel and you’ll spend all day tucking it in every little move you make. Dress shirts and tailored shirts are designed to be worn tucked in, so do keep them inside your pants for that clean-cut look. If you want to tuck in a polo shirt or t-shirt, or even a turtle neck, do opt for ones with a longer hem, so you won’t be busy tucking it in every so often.

Not everything needs to be washed regularly

This goes for clothes, not personal hygiene. The fabrics in some clothes, especially tailored ones run the risk of getting damaged when regularly exposed to the chemicals in laundry detergents, which in turn weakens the seams. Some clothes can even go a few days without having to be washed, be that you avoid any accidental mishaps that may cause a stain. Suits or blazers made of wool are good for a few days of wear before needing a wash, while jeans can go weeks before having to be washed. Just remember to wash your jeans at least once every few months to avoid it from getting crusty and to produce those signature denim fades

Backpacks aren’t for suits

Although many high-end fashion brands have designed backpacks, this still doesn’t make it a good pairing with a suit. The main reason to the pairing of a suit and backpack should be avoided is because the pressure and friction that the straps cause on the suit will damage the fabric and can leave your shoulders shiny or frayed. The best option is to carry your belongings in a briefcase, or if you want a more laxed style, choose a high-quality tote instead.

Novelty anything is never a style option

You may look at a novelty fashion accessory and think it will give you a few laughs, but the truth is, it’s hard to take anyone serious when they are wearing novelty clothing. Especially if worn in a work environment, you run the risk of being marked as immature or even not serious. If you do want to add a little flair to your look, you are better off wearing a printed shirt under a blazer or wearing a pair of neutral statement sneakers to keep things subtle, or find the courage to play with patterns

Always match your leathers

You may not need to pair the colors of your shoes to the color of your belt, but when you’re wearing leather it’s a good idea to wear the same tone. A nice tanned colored pair of leather loafers pairs extremely well with the same colored belt. It somehow seams effortless to create a uniform look, whatever you happen to be wearing. This leather pairing is also a good idea with the more leather items you wear. Try pairing the color of your leather jacket to the color of the leather strap of your watch to match with your shoes and belt, and see how seamless it all seems to fit together. Although leather pants are best to be avoided in the whole leather pairing game.


Text Rinaldi Herdianto