Fashion FAQ: Which Types of Boots Should I Be Familiar With?

Wearing the right shoes in the right size for the right occasion is one of the essentials for a dapper look


Shirt by Raoul, cardigan & denim jacket by Ben Sherman, denim trousers by Hugo Boss, boots by Tod’s


Here are several types that you might want to familiarize yourself with:


Motorcycle boots
The name says it all: This is the pair you should wear when riding a motorcycle. However, as Marlon Brando frequently exemplified in the past, the shoes can impart a rugged, cool appeal to your casual look. Just make sure that you have a lot of confidence to go with it.

Chukka boots
These type of boots are typically ankle-high, made of suede and completed an with open lace.

Chelsea boots
These tight, ankle-length riding boots were iconic of the mod style in the 1960s. Despite its irresistible coolness, these boots will be a challenge to pull off if you have a bigger build.

Hiking boots
Hiking boots are not exactly made for walking in urban settings, but plenty of brands have adopted its basic form with slimmer silhouettes.



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