Fashion FAQ: What Should I Know About Cufflinks?

Cufflinks replace the buttons on French cuff shirts, and add a decorative flourish at the same time


Dunhill London


However, your choice of cufflinks should enhance your outfit but never steal attention away from other elements, be it a fine mechanical watch or even the shirt itself.


As for options, we have the following:

Bullet-back closure cufflinks; the most common type, especially for models carrying more intricate designs and motifs

Whale-back closure cufflinks; similar to but easier to handle than the bullet back, with a much more neutral vibe.

Stud or button cufflinks; small and lightweight, but also the most secure type, making them perfect for those who need to move around a lot

Chain-link cufflinks; the most traditional (and original looking) type, with a really understated yet elegant effect.

Silk-knot cufflinks; which are relatively affordable and much more casual, thus making them suitable for casual events and perfect for daily wear.



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