Fashion FAQ: What are the Best Ways to Wear Slip-Ons?

For slip-on shoes—whether it’s a pair of loafers, penny loafers or boat shoes—a really fitting pair is the most important consideration; as unlike a pair of lace-ups, you can’t tighten slip-ons


Andrea Incontri


As for styling, going sockless is considered the go-to method to wear slip-ons. If you choose to go this route, then mind
the gap: make sure your trousers don’t sag over your shoes and instead taper in near the ankle, leaving a slight gap.

For the trousers themselves, linen or chinos are best for hot to mild weather, and wool or denim are the definite fall/winter choice.

Deciding to go with socks, anyway? Then match them to your trousers. Contrasting socks can work, but that takes some real guts.



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