Fashion FAQ: How Do I Wear Collar Pins?

Recently, collar pins have seen surge in popularity, thanks to TV shows like “Boardwalk Empire”


style collar pins1


Despite its diminutive size, collar pins can have a major impact on your appearance. They provide a better shape to your collar and make your tie knot more prominent, giving you a more sophisticated look.


Here are a few things you should know about wearing a collar pin:

Always wear it with a tie. This is non-negotiable!
There are three types of collar pins. There’s the classic collar pin, which looks and works like a safety pin. There’s also the clip-on collar bar, which, unfortunately, is not as secure as the latter. Last, there’s the barbell, which functions like collar pins.
Never wear it with a tie bar. Too much of anything is never good.
Complete the look with matching accessories. For example, pair gold collar pins with gold cufflinks, and silver collar pins with silver cufflinks.



This article first appeared in DA MAN Style Fall/Winter 2015. Click here to get a copy of our back issues.