Fashion Essentials: S.T. Dupont’s Karl Lagerfeld Digital Writing Set

THE WRITE STYLE. In its latest collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, S.T. Dupont proves that even writing instrument can extend beyond mere paper and ink.

Drawing inspiration from mobile technology, Karl Lagerfeld melds a traditional ballpoint and a digital stylus in one lacquered black pen. To complement the set, an optic white lacquered 8GB USB key is also presented. Karl’s signature appears in the form of his iconic ponytailed silhouette alongside Dupont’s own take on palladium strips and shiny red cornelian stones. Available in two unique editions, the one packed in a black lacquered box will only be available in Karl Lagerfeld’s stores, while the premium version in black and white packaging can be obtained at S.T. Dupont’s points of sale.