Pen and Lighter in Tribute to Humphrey Bogart by S.T. Dupont

BOGIE’S BEST. It’s not every day you turn 140. S.T. Dupont, which reached its 140th anniversary not so long ago, celebrated it in an old-fashioned way



Or, more appropriately, an old Hollywood way. The French brand has launched a limited edition anniversary collection paying tribute to one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors and an S.T. Dupont VIP customer, Humphrey Bogart. The collection consists of a pen and a lighter that are decked out in 18k gold.



Depicted on the pen and lighter are Bogie’s signature and silhouette, which includes the iconic fedora worn by his character in Casablanca. The collection was inspired by a bespoke order Bogie made in 1947. Who would have thought that order would become the beginning of such a beautiful friendship?