Fashion Essentials: Montblanc Cufflinks

WRISTY BUSINESS. Cufflinks, albeit small, speak of status and air in men’s fashion affair.

Heritage Collection

Sculptural Collection

Hartford Collection

Stripes Collection

At the same time, they could be personal accessories that reference your class. With four collections released this season, Montblanc takes inspiration from different sources for their cufflink designs. Montblanc Heritage Collection is clean and precise, translating the iconic Meisterstück from the writing instruments to star emblem and three rings in separate pieces. The focus goes contemporary architectural in Montblanc Sculptural Collection, involving a classic knot shape and three-dimensional rectangular cufflinks. Art is what Montblanc Stripes Collection emphasizes, mainly inspired by the tasteful minimalism of Marquetry. Lastly, Montblanc Hartford Collection extrapolates what refined means, creating precious cufflinks from diamonds and red gold.