Fashion Brands Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

November 18th 2018 marks the 90 years since the release of “Steamboat Willie,” Disney’s first animated short that features their mascot, Mickey Mouse. This automatically means that the date is Mickey’s 90th birthday.

And no special date is complete with a bunch of friends sending their wishes – in this case, in the form of homage pieces. Notable fashion brands decided to drop collections in honor of MM, and most of them certainly did not disappoint. We list some of our favorite pieces.


The Spanish urban wear embraced the moment not only by giving their tribute, but also season appropriate. So comes puffed jackets and oversized sweaters with big prints, assorted accessories, and a really unique looking scarf. Our vote’s for the jacket, though.


With their vintage tennis heritage, Lacoste joined the bandwagon by some reinterpretation images of Mickey and Minnie (he’s wearing a headband and she’s wearing a visor hat), as well as deconstructing their most popular silhouette, the polo. And if it’s not broken, don’t choose otherwise – plain polo with game ready Mickey (instead of the crocodile) is exceptional.


Italian sportswear Kappa took a quite literal point of view of Mickey’s first appearance nine decades ago – by releasing monochromed collection. The illustrations are also bare minimum, showing stencils instead of full images. Favorite piece: tracktop and pants with hidden Mickeys and Kappa’s signature emblems on the sleeves – now that’s a collaboration.

Rag & Bone

Being the youngest brand on the list, it’s no surprise that the American apparel company took a youthful and edgier approach to their capsule, taking the classic MM palette of black, white, red and yellow. The common tones and some good designs makes them look good together, but our favorite must be the knitted sweater

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No stranger to celebratory collaborations with other icons, the Swiss watchmakers recruited British artist Damien Hirst to design a pair of special edition thin watches. Hirst reimagined the classic red shorts Mickey into a pop-art presentation which looked nothing like the original, but all still familiar. The box that came with it is also quirky.


The only denim specialist on the list, Levi’s created a bunch of dedicated pieces that looks like they’re happily adding a few pinches of Mickey into their already established collection. There are jeans and denim trucker jackets filled with MM related patches, sweaters bearing image of  Mickey in jeans, along with interesting collections such as tote bags, the classic motorcycle bandana and beanie hats with Mickey ears!


The American shoe brand decided to take the familiar tones of different Mickeys throughout the years instead of “just” plastering images of him into their series of popular sneakers – hence they offer more concentrated designs. Vans actually also released a clothing collection, but to be honest, it does not compare to pairs like the red pants inspired Authentic and the star studded “Fantasia” inspired Sk8-Hi!


A true believer of heritage, Nixon takes the accuracy and tribute of their designs into the next level. The series of Mickey Mouse watches comes in various looks with each and their own features and complications – but with details such as the iconic two button engraved on the chain clasp, his tail utilized as the seconds hand, the hidden Mickeys on the eyelet holes, or the multi layered cartoon dial and the number 90 on the crown, how can you resist?

Coincidentally, Disney released a video that showcased Mickey’s fashion style throughout the years – mighty interesting if we may add. Of course being the world’s most famous rodent for nearly a century makes Mickey used to be in the spotlight.

Most of the collections here are already available in the respective brand’s webstore. Many being limited, you better get them quick!