Fashion Accessory for your Pad

Stylish Comfort from Alvin-T

Designed to provide the freedom and comfort needed to relax in you home apartment or bachelor pad, the Snug Chair, from the brand Alvin-T (, is the ultimate lounging-around chair that will accommodate stylistos with different seating positions suited for amazing comfort.

By removing the stopper, the Snug Chair can recline into a position that provides the comfort of a rocking chair. The design itself is simplistic and retro-futuristic, suitable for adults as well as for children.

Snug was rated as one of the top-five favorite designs at Melbourne Design-Ex. Complimenting the ultramodern chair, one of the jury members remarked that it is “definitely the most mature and interesting product of the whole selection.”
The Snug Chair is available at the Alvin-T boutique, Jl. Cirendeu Permai in Jakarta,  Indonesia.
This is an excerpt from the DA MAN “360 Living” section in the December 2010/January 2011 issue. To see all the articles, subscribe here.