FAQ: What’s the best way to wear camo?

You asked, we answered. Here is the best way to wear camo.

From the classic grey and green-hued military patterns, to the more experimental prints in bright colors, animal motifs or even floral images, camouflage comes in a wide range of options. For those of you still new to the trend, it’s highly advised to stick to simple pieces like pants or shirts. One thing to keep in mind is that, whichever camo print you chose, wear only one piece. Do not mix or wear different camo patterns. Why? Because it can create an incoherent outfit and is therefore a big no-no. The key is to wear the camouflage-printed piece as a statement piece, and then pair it with plain(er) pieces like a navy jacket or white shirt. In the end, when it comes to camouflage, always adhere to the spirit of keeping it simple.


The best way to wear camo according to designers is mixing up the colors and prints.

Christopher Raeburn
Marcelo Burlon
Liam Hodges


According to these celebrities, the best way to wear camo is having the right attitude.

Post Malone