Fairmont Jakarta’s 1945 Restaurant Introduces Its New Chef

INDONESIAN CUISINE REIMAGINED – With a series of new menu for the guests, 1945 restaurant introduces its new chef

Foodie enthusiasts, rejoice! Actually, anybody with even the slightest interest in good food, rejoice. 1945, an upscale Indonesian restaurant at Fairmont Jakarta that offers authentic Indonesian flavors with a modern interpretation, recently introduced its new chef, Adhitia Julisiandi, or Chef Adhit, who brings along his culinary expertise to recreate the new menu in 1945.

When it comes to satiating the appetite of its guests, 1945 is renowned for its fine dining experience that’s recognizably Indonesian, which combines with precision in modern cooking technique and fresh, premium quality ingredients to reimagine traditional Indonesian food as fine gourmet cuisine.

The menu in 1945 is a transformation of local food to world-class culinary experience. This time, Chef Adhit applies molecular gastronomy techniquea sub-discipline of food science that involves physical and chemical transformation of ingredients that occur in cooking processin order to elevate the Indonesian fine dining experience.

For instance, some of the appetizers that Chef Adit offers are Naniura 1945, a barrel sliced ikan mas marinated with aromatic Andaliman pepper flavored in Tapanuli style. Aside to that, one of his signature dishes for main course is the Short Ribs Maranggi, which is made for two persons. The dish offers a 48-hour Maranggi sauce marinated short ribs, complemented with grilled tape uli and Colo-colo dip. Last but not least, Chef Adhit also shows his expertise in his desserts creations where he offers fun sweet dishes such as Martabak Manis 1945, an Indonesian sweet pancake in Mille-feuille style, served with fermented black rice and coconut.

All in all, elevating familiar dishes into exquisitely flavorful and colorful creations through the alchemy of its kitchen, 1945 restaurant successfully juxtaposes the old and new, the common and the unexpected of Indonesian cooking.

With the spirit to innovate and explore the new wave of pioneering creativity in developing Indonesian food—as the restaurant name refers to the year of Indonesia’s independence year—1945 strives to create a fine dining experience that is authentically and recognizably Indonesian. That being said, if you’re looking for an innovative ways and re-imagining of traditional Indonesian food as gourmet cuisine, look no further.