Exclusive Online Feature: Mo McRae

TRUE PURPOSE. An inspiring young actor with a head for producing and directing, Mo McRae is part of a new generation of multi-talented thespians who are busy chasing their dreams without hesitation


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Acting alongside megastar Reese Witherspoon in upcoming movie “Wild,” Mo McRae has come a long way since doing advertisements for giant sports brands such as Nike and Rebook. After grabbing attention playing the role of a troubled young American football star in the 2006 hit movie “Gridiron Gang” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, McRae’s career has been on the rise ever since. You might also recognize the strapping young actor from TV show “Sons of Anarchy” where he engagingly portrays fear-ridden gang leader Tyler. So wherever he may be, it would be wise not to take your eyes off Mo McRae.

DA MAN: What was it like working with Reese Witherspoon in your upcoming movie “Wild”?

Mo McRae: Working with Reese was truly a pleasure and an honor. I’ve been a fan of hers for quite some time but I was blown away by her as a person. She is extremely kindhearted and engaging. She always gives you her full attention.

DA: The movie has already generated a buzz at numerous film festivals this year. What is so unique about the story?

MM: The story is unique in many ways but one thing I think will deeply resonate with audiences is the magnitude of the literal and figurative journey that Reese’s character takes on. The entire film is laced with truth, bravery and heart.

DA: Last year, you appeared in a historical drama movie “The Butler” starring Forest Whitaker. What was the best thing about being a part of this movie?

MM: I have a very long list of great things that resulted from my participation in “The Butler,” however I’d say the biggest take away for me was the relationships. I got very close to several people that were involved in the film. Lee Daniels, Hilary Shor and the other producers assembled a really amazing group of characters.


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“I think life is short, so we should try to lead the most fulfilling lives possible while we have the opportunity”

DA: You’ve also had roles in acclaimed TV series such as “Sons of Anarchy” and “Ray Donovan.” As an actor, what are the challenges when transitioning between movie and TV?

MM: I have to say I don’t really find it hard transitioning between movies and television. I think the difficulty is finding the truth within each character, a unique color that I haven’t shown as an actor previously. It’s difficult but it’s also where I find the fun. And anyway, I enjoy a challenge! [Laughs]

DA: What other projects do you have in the pipeline?

MM: On the acting front, I have more of “Sons of Anarchy” coming up, as we are currently finishing out the season. I also recently worked on Vince Gilligan’s new show “Battle Creek.” I have a film called “November Rule” that should be out next year, and I’m also producing a couple projects with a view to directing in the future. The more I work, the more enamored I become with the whole cinematic process.

DA: Is acting something you always wanted to do?

MM: I think acting was always kind of tugging at my coat, even before I was even really aware of it.

DA: What are your passions outside of acting?

MM: I’m really passionate about finding ways to inspire others to chase their dreams. I think life is short, so we should try to lead the most fulfilling lives possible while we have the opportunity.


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“I believe that success is the ability to identify your purpose and to then consistently exist within it”

DA: Life at home or life on the road?

MM: Both, please! [Laughs] I find they both provide so much. So yes, a good balance between the two would be great.

DA: Define success.

MM: Well, my idea of success changes quite frequently. But in this moment, I believe that success is the ability to identify your purpose and to then consistently exist within it.

DA: What would you say is your best quality?

MM: That’s tough. I’m not sure. Maybe my friendship game! [Laughs] I think I’m a really good friend to my nearest and dearest. They trust me.

DA: What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

MM: Remember that you are just a small part of something greater. Work hard. Be appreciative. Acknowledge your blessings.

DA: What are you most thankful for in life?

MM: In life, I am the most thankful for my daughter. She has introduced me to a love that I didn’t know was possible.


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