[Exclusive] Interview with Kim Jones – Dior Men’s Summer 2019

Got 1 minute? Watch the exclusive interview with Kim Jones explaining the inspiration and creative collaboration behind his amazing debut collection: the DIOR Men’s Summer 2019.

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For his debut collection as artistic director of Dior Men, Kim Jones has chosen to interpret the codes of Monsieur Dior himself through the language of his couture house. It is a dual tribute—to the reality of Dior, and the fantasy.

Drawing inspiration from Christian Dior’s private life and his creative output, the collection represents a dialogue between these two sides of his personality.

The summer 2019 collection translates a quintessentially feminine couture identity into a masculine idiom. Floral motifs are a constant. They echo both Monsieur Dior’s love of nature, and his “femmes-fleurs”.

“You can never go wrong if you take nature as an example.” — Christian Dior

The inspiration is both the natural world, and the nature of Dior itself. It results in not only a new look, but a new outlook.