Exclusive Interview with All-Rounder DJ Dannic

DOING IT ALL. The only way to go is up for fan-favorite, chart-climbing, record label-owning producer and DJ Dannic


DJ Dannic Fonk Recordings Feel Your Love


There must be something in Breda’s water. The historical town in the southern part of the Netherlands has given birth to not one, not two, but three of the highest-ranking DJs. There’s Tiësto, for one, and also Hardwell, who was crowned twice as the World’s No. 1 DJ on DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 list in 2013 and 2014.

Continuing Breda’s streak of producing brilliant dance music artists is Dannic, who created quite a sensation in 2014’s list, when he jumped 34 spots to the 30th position. He once again improved his ranking and took the 26th place in early 2015. If you’re like us at all, you might have noticed a pattern here and can guess where Dannic will go next.

The prestigious list isn’t the only thing he’s scoring, though. To date, Dannic has had three number-one tracks, including the very popular “Feel Your Love,” on Beatport. This year also sees Dannic launch his very own label, Fonk Recording, and accumulate over a million fans on Facebook. Some of these fans could be seen attending his last show in Jakarta in December, and even patiently waited for him at the lobby of the hotel where he stayed to take pictures with him.

DA MAN talked to the multitasking DJ shortly after he finished his Asian tour.


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