Exclusive Interview: Robbie Amell Talks “The Duff” and Switching from Sports to Showbiz

ALL FIRED UP. He was well on his way to becoming a star on the ice hockey rink, but “The Duff” actor Robbie Amell took a leap of faith and switched gears to showbiz instead. He chats with DA MAN about the journey


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Robbie Amell has quite an exciting lineup of past and present roles, from high school jock and wacky teenage detective to war hero and a literal superhero. Unsurprisingly, this year sees the Canadian actor gracing cinema screens in a lively comedy called “The Duff” as well as a heartwarming family drama “Max,” even as anticipation is building up following his debut on TV series “The Flash.”


DA MAN: Hi Robbie, where are you right now and what are you currently busy working on?
Robbie Amell: I’m currently on my front porch in Burbank. I’ve been shooting “The Flash,” doing additional shooting for “Max” and starting press for “The Duff.”


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DA: You have a number of films premiering this year. Let’s start with “The Duff.” Do you really think that the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” label actually exists?
RA: I actually don’t. It’s weird and I might sound like I’m an idiot, but I think there are either no Duffs at all or everyone is a Duff. Chew on that.

DA: While the movie is basically a comedy, do you think there’s some moral lesson for the audience to take in?
RA: Absolutely. The movie is much less about Mae’s character getting a makeover and more about our characters finding ourselves and learning that we shouldn’t change for anyone and be happy with who we are.

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“I think there are either no Duffs [designated ugly fat friend] at all or everyone is a Duff. Chew on that”

DA: Is playing a role in a comedy easier than in other genres?
RA: It’s different. Not easier or harder. It’s more black and white though. People either laugh or they don’t. You just put it all on the line and hope people laugh.

DA: How did you get the chemistry with Mae Whitman going?
RA: Mae is incredible. She’s so funny and smart—very intimidating when you first get to know her.


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DA: You also have another movie titled “Max” coming up soon. Could you tell us about your role and the plot of the movie?
RA: I play a marine named Kyle. I’m stationed in Afghanistan and I’m the handler of an IED-sniffing dog named Max. The story is heavily based around my death and the Max going back the U.S. to be with my family.

DA: The movie very much highlights the relationship between humans and dogs. What do you think of dogs as man’s best friend? Are you a dog person yourself?
RA: I do. My fiancé and I have two beautiful little pups at home.


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DA: You also act as Firestorm in TV series “The Flash.” How did you manage the role in the first place?
RA: I was very lucky and was offered the role of Firestorm. Greg Berlanti who produced “The Tomorrow People” is also a producer on “The Flash.” We have a great relationship and he was kind enough to offer me the role.

DA: Before acting, you were very much into hockey. What made you switch from sports to showbiz back then?
RA: I actually just fell into acting. After booking my first movie “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” and, having such an amazing time, I quit hockey to start acting lessons.



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