Brody Jenner, Superstar

Brody Jenner, famous for the hit reality show The Hills and the son of Olympic champion Bruce Jenner is a Hollywood socialite and step-brother to the sexy Kim Kardashian; but he’s more than what you see on TV.

Photo above: Tuxedo jacket by John Varvatos, shirt by Hugo Boss


Meet Brody Jenner in this DA MAN exclusive, the No. 1 Hollywood socialite of the moment and fast-rising media mogul. You also may know of him as the son of the Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and step-brother of Kim Kardashian.

Brody Jenner, the son of a celebrated Olympic champion and step-brother of an über-socialite, he has a lot going for him.

Not only is he ridiculously suave, wealthy and super-connected in Hollywood, New York and the world, he’s also quite media-savvy with a good head for business, having created and sold a TV show at the age of 21, just a few years ago.

One of the stars of wildly popular The Hills reality show, he is also really keen when it comes to extreme sports, both participating and watching.

He has also starred in several other reality TV shows, including one where he was the main “Bro” that all the other guys wanted to have a “bromance” with.

Here, he models some slick fashion attire and gives DA MAN his own take on his seemingly charmed life.

DA MAN: Did you have any idea that you would be doing all this TV stuff and modeling when you were still a kid?
Brody Jenner:
I did a little bit of modeling when I was younger, but I did not know if it would amount to something like this … so I am very grateful.

DA MAN: What are your career goals?
Brody Jenner:
I would like to continue with TV, but more on the creative side, behind the scenes. That type of work really appeals to me.

DA MAN: Have you ever experienced any crazy fans? What were those encounters like?
Brody Jenner:
One time a lady asked me to hold her baby, which she named after me! I was a little nervous and it was very surreal, but also flattering.

DA MAN: You have done quite a bit of modeling and quite a bit of television; which of those two pursuits do you like to do most?
Brody Jenner:
It depends on the photographer with modeling, but I probably like that more, as a photo can really capture the truth and reality of the moment; often more than television, which can be edited and leave a false perception.

Above left: Tuxedo jacket by John Varvatos, shirt by Hugo Boss, shoes by DKNY
Above right: All by John Varvatos



DA MAN: The last season of The Hills wrapped up a few months ago. What are your thoughts on that?
Brody Jenner:
The Hills has been an incredible experience. I have had a wonderful time. A lot of us have become close and we are like one big family, but I think people are also ready to move on and explore new opportunities.

DA MAN: What can you tell us about the other projects you have coming up this year and next and beyond?
Brody Jenner:
There are a lot of things in development right now for me. Once The Hills production shuts down, I will have more time to devote to projects which I am excited about pursuing.

DA MAN: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Brody Jenner:
Hopefully healthy and happy!

DA MAN: Do you ever feel typecast?
Brody Jenner:
Yeah. A lot of what people see on The Hills can give them a false impression about me, but there is a lot more to me than what is depicted.

DA MAN: Who is your role model? And how has she or he inspired you?
Brody Jenner:
Travis Pastrana [motor sports professional, X Games gold medalist and stuntman]. Because he lives life to the fullest!

DA MAN: How do you get yourself energized?
Brody Jenner:
Green Tea!

DA MAN: How do you chill out when you have leisure time?
Brody Jenner:
I hang out with friends in Malibu and go surfing.

DA MAN: What other sorts of hobbies/sports are you into now?
Brody Jenner:
Power paragliding and I am starting to pick up golf a bit.

DA MAN: You are obviously quite stylish, do you consider yourself a fashionisto?
Brody Jenner:
No, I believe that style is making something your own.

Above: Shirt by life/after/denim



Photographs: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Interview: Jeffy Rhyder

For the full feature pick the June/July 2010 back issue of DA MAN here.