Exclusive Feature: Willa Holland

BORN READY. Ambitious, sexy and intelligent, actress Willa Holland keeps busy by doing the things she loves best. She reveals all to DA MAN


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The daughter of a famous movie director and an actress and model since the age of seven, it seems Willa Holland was always destined for stardom. Talented and tenacious, she now arrives on our screens for the third season of “Arrow,” an action drama show following the life of a billionaire playboy who returns home after a long absence to fight crime and corruption as a masked vigilante named Arrow. Holland plays Arrow’s sister Thea Queen, and subsequently has to put up with quite a lot. However, as our encounter with her shows, she appears to be more than up to the task.



DA MAN: Willa, thanks for chatting with DA MAN. Can you tell us a bit about your character thea Queen?
Willa Holland:
Hey, my pleasure! Thea has always been a bit of a wild card, but she’s matured a lot over the years. The end of season two was a bit of a struggle for her to put it lightly, but she comes out in season three with a tougher, stronger side that we haven’t seen before. So watch out! [Laughs]

DA MAN: Arrow has a lot of action-packed fighting scenes. do you have to do any training to prepare for these?
Willa Holland:
Yes! I’m required to hit the gym daily so I can at least attempt to keep up with my incredible costars and the stunt guys and girls. It’s a lot of work but completely worth it. I find being in shape helps me get into character as I feel ready for anything.

DA MAN: The show has an energetic young cast. What’s the atmosphere like on set?
Willa Holland:
We have the best cast and crew. I’m sure every show says that, but this statement is 100 percent true in my mind. The general vibe on set is always awesome, as everyone actually gets along which is pretty rare for such a large group shoved together on a hot stage.

DA MAN: “Arrow” is of course based on dc comics character green Arrow. Are you a comic book fan yourself?
Willa Holland:
As a kid I was always partial to DC Comics rather than Marvel. I was a big fan Batman and the Ra’s al Ghul story line, which is one of the things I’m most excited about for season three. The idea of having the character of Ra’s on the show is just a childhood dream come true.


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DA MAN: You’ve primarily been filming in Vancouver, Canada. do you enjoy traveling with work?
Willa Holland:
Yes, I do. While I’ve previously worked in Italy for a few months which was fantastic, I have to say that I have just fallen in love with this city. I actually moved here two years ago and now I can’t ever picture myself not having a place here.

DA MAN: Apart from “Arrow,” what else are you working on at the moment?
Willa Holland:
Though its still in the early stages, my mother and I started working on some clothing designs for fun a while ago which may actually have sprung into something. So between the show, training, and now this little side project, I’m kept pretty busy.

DA MAN: We noticed you’ve performed as a voice actress in several video games. How did this come about?
Willa Holland:
I don’t really know how it all started but I’m guessing someone really liked my raspy, manly voice for video games! [Laughs] Not complaining at all though, it’s actually really fun.



“I find being in shape helps me get into character as I feel ready for anything”



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DA MAN: We hear you’re also a singer and musician. Are we going to see an album from you soon?
Willa Holland:
Oh no. That’s just for the shower!

DA MAN: What else do you get up to in your spare time?
Willa Holland:
Photography has always been a big part of my life, so I try to venture out and have fun with that most days. Or just sit on the couch enjoying some “Homeland” or “Game of Thrones” as I’m completely hooked on both right now.


“I like a man who’s loyal and trust worthy. Oh, and good looking doesn’t hurt!”



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DA MAN: Do you live your life by a certain motto?
Willa Holland:
S**t happens, change your pants

DA MAN: What has been the proudest moment of your career?
Willa Holland:
Getting to be in the intro of “Pretty Sweet,” a skateboarding video by Spike Jonze for Girl and Chocolate skateboards.

DA MAN: What are your future aspirations?
Willa Holland:
I have quite a few, but the main ones will always be to live happy, heathy, and free. And to just continue on doing work that makes me feel exactly that.

DA MAN: What qualities do you look for in a man?
Willa Holland:
Someone who’s loyal and trust worthy. Oh, and good looking doesn’t hurt! [Laughs]



Check out these outtakes from the shoot:


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