Model Widika Sidmore Reveals the Meaning Behind Her Tattoos and Her World Travels

LUST FOR LIFE. Widika Sidmore is no ordinary model. From her start to her current undertakings, she has definitely broken free from the usual model stereotype


Exclusive Feature Widika Sidmore

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“I fell in love with Indonesian culture and I want to learn more about it”

They say a professional model should be like a chameleon, readily switching from one persona to another. Embodying precisely that saying is Widika Sidmore: In photographs she displays irresistible poise, while in real life she is gracefully calm and laidback. The 23-year-old model is also very down to earth, giving little to no hint that she has actually traveled the world as a professional model—something a lot of girls dream of. With her soothing voice, she explains that her start in modeling came about quite unexpectedly. Although in hindsight, she did have a lot going on for her, including a lanky figure and sharp cheekbones—for Sidmore has always been a thin, awkward girl. “At one point in my life, my dad bought me some fashion magazines from America and all of a sudden, I felt that modeling is my calling. I wanted to go to New York, Paris, Milan and London, working with these amazing designers and photographers. I wanted to do modeling properly.”



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Her wish give modeling a go soon became reality when she landed a three year contract from the Ford Models agency. “I contacted them, sent them an essay about who I was, what I wanted and what my dreams were. The next week they replied, asking me to send photos of myself and a video. I did it, and in a week I got a contract, told my parents—they were in shock, of course—and in a month I moved to New York with my mother because I was still 17 years old,” she recalls as if it all happened only yesterday.



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What’s even more notable from her sudden move to New York is her spontaneity and determination. The Geminian adds, “I have always been following my intuition through life. I will just do it and go for it whenever it feels good or right for me—even though I am a bit scared—because I know what I am supposed to do.” This very principle was what guided her to New York, and recently, to move back to her homeland, Indonesia. “Yes, I am leaving a lot of things behind, but now I am here because I want to be a part of the development in Indonesia. I fell in love with Indonesian culture and I want to learn more about it.” Her proclaimed love is further exhibited when she mentioned that her favorite modeling project was when she walked at shows by Indonesian designer Biyan, as she admired the designer since she was very young.



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After dropping a few hints of her cultural projects in Indonesia, the model also mentioned that she is currently pursuing theater and wishes to take performing arts classes back in New York. “I have actually done theater way before I did modeling. That is why it is so easy for me to model.” However, when asked whether theater is something she plans to commit to, Sidmore admits that she is the type of person who does not look into the future that much. “Career-wise, in modeling, theater and perhaps later the movie industry, I don’t really look too far. What I do instead is to challenge myself day by day, because I am very in-the-moment.” Not that planning is not her thing, mind you; but she simply focuses so much on the present.



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The conversation thus moved on to her in-the-moment way of thinking. Apparently, the American-Indonesian is into meditation, and further uses her body as a way to remind her about what happens in her life. Beaming with excitement, she goes on to explain the philosophy behind her tattoos. “I have nine tattoos, mostly geometric lines. They symbolize where I used to be and where I am going. These tattoos are already a part of me, they become who I am—just like another layer of skin.” From a line tattoo to remind her that this life is only once, to a two-circle symbol of Karma wheels to remind her that life is temporary and an arrow-shaped imagery that represents her roots, Sidmore truly has a one-of-a-kind reflection on life.



“I have always been following my intuition through life. I will just do it and go for it whenever it feels good or right for me”

Aside from her unique and refreshing perspective on life, Sidmore has also broken free from the stereotypical image of a model. “I love to chill and I am not a party person, so I don’t go to parties. If I have the time, I usually go traveling because I am very outdoorsy.” So, what kind of traveler is she? Having mentioned Flores as a place she is fascinated with, the 1992-born model answers calmly, “I am a lonely ranger; I have always been one. When I was younger, I could just walk to the beach or to the field on my own. Now, when I travel, I prefer to travel solo, most likely to go hiking,” she smiles. “Solo traveling allows me to be curious and to interact more with the locals. Hence, my advice for those who want to travel alone is to not be afraid. Just get out there and get to know your surroundings.”



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